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Treatment Of A Urinary Tract Infection



Urinary tract infections can be detected with urine tests. It is best to examine the first morning urine. The urine is examined under the microscope. This research can be done in the practice of the general practitioner. In addition, the urine can be grown in the laboratory. It then looks at which pathogen is involved and for which drugs it is sensitive.


In the case of mild cystitis , good flow of urine through a lot of drinking can be sufficient. Heavier cystitis can be treated with antibiotics. Frequent cystitis in diabetic patients usually diminishes when the diabetes is well treated.

How Can I Prevent A Bladder Infection?

Make sure you drink enough (at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day). Even if you already have a bladder infection, it is important to keep on drinking a lot. Because the urination causes pain , you tend to drink less, but the moisture ensures that the pathogenic bacteria are more easily 'washed away'.
Go pee regularly and pee your bladder as good as possible.
Good urination after sexual intercourse can also help prevent bladder inflammation.
Women can best wipe from the front to the rear after a toilet walk. If you wipe the other way around (from the back to the front) intestinal bacteria can easily get into the urethra and cause an infection.

Kidney infection

Kidney inflammation is always treated with antibiotics. If the infection is caused by blockages, extra research can be done, such as blood tests and ultrasound examinations . If you have a blockage, this means that you have to undergo surgery. If a blockage is detected too late, persistent kidney damage can occur. Then dialysis and a kidney replacement treatment may be required.






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