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Symptoms Of A Urinary Tract Infection




Usually the course of a bladder infection is quite innocent. It is therefore also called rapid (acute) urinary tract infection. If you have to urinate frequently, this may indicate cystitis. Usually you have pain and a burning sensation when urinating in the bladder . Your urine can be cloudy or smell differently. Sometimes there may be some blood in your urine . Some people suffer from pain in the abdomen or lower back. It is also possible that you have virtually no complaints due to a bladder infection.

Kidney infection

Kidney pelvic inflammation is much more severe than cystitis. You feel sick, have a fever and have to vomit . In addition, you have pain when urinating. After a few hours pain also develops under the ribs, which can radiate to the sexual organs. Children usually have fever only when they have kidney pelvic inflammation.




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