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Depilation with IPL, electrolysis or laser


Every man has a different pattern of care. For example, some men hardly have body hair, while other men suffer from excessive hair. Your origin, age and genes influence this. Some men, for example, are bothered by their back, shoulders or excessive hair on their entire body. These men can opt for a hair removal treatment, for example with laser or IPL.


Of course you can shave, cut or bleach your hair. But to deal with the excess hair for a longer period of time, you must destroy the hair follicles. The hairs grow from these hair follicles and by breaking them you prevent the hairs from growing. This can be done by electrolysis, IPL and laser treatments.

Your doctor or skin therapist can tell you which treatment is best for you. In general, laser is the most effective treatment. Hair removal with laser is therefore usually preferred. Alternatively, treatment with IPL can also be chosen. Electrolysis is especially suitable when only a few hairs have to be removed.

Laser hair

The laser hair is seen as the most effective treatment against unwanted body hair. In a laser treatment, the hair follicles are destroyed with a laser beam, making the hair disappear permanently. Multiple treatments are often required for optimal results.

IPL depilation

In addition to laser hair, you can also opt for an IPL treatment. Larger surfaces can be treated with this method than with a laser. Depilation with IPL is slightly less effective than depilation with laser and you should be treated more often for a good result.


During an electrolysis treatment, an electric current is sent via a needle to the hair follicle, causing the hair follicle to break. Many treatments are often required here. This is because not all hair follicles break in one go. Electrolysis is especially suitable for the treatment of small areas because each hair should be treated separately.

Most men will be treated with an IPL or laser treatment. Below you can see the biggest differences between these two methods.

The consultation

If you are considering a hair removal treatment then you can make an appointment at a clinic or salon. There you will have a conversation with a doctor or skin therapist before you are treated. Thereby the practitioner will try to map your general health. He does this because certain disorders (eg an adrenal disorder) can cause excessive hair growth. If you feel good, then the chance is very small that you have such a disease.

Then the practitioner will see how the treatment pattern is. The doctor will also check if the skin is suitable for a depilation treatment. Finally, the therapist will ask what your expectations are and give you information about the treatment.