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Stimulate Beard Growth


The most beautiful and pleasant thing is of course to have your beard treated by a barber. They specialize in taking care of the beard. This can be done during a haircut, but many barber beers also take time to make the beard between the cut-throughs neat again. There are plenty of barbers in the Netherlands that you would like to help with.


We must not forget that besides the beard there is also a mustache. The mustache can also be washed with shampoo, as well as the beard. The mustache is very personal, but usually it is allowed to grow with the length of the beard. A mustache can grow over the upper lip, can be trimmed to just above it and the mustache can grow so that it can make beautiful dots or circles.

To get this effect, special mustache wax can be used. This wax is a thick, firm form of the hair wax, which keeps the mustache. Because the mustache has thick hair, of course this has to be. With ordinary wax you never manage to have the mustache the way you want. A snorwax is for sale in some druggists, but often at the barbers you can get a nice wax.

Did you know that there are even races for mustaches? These competitions take place all over the world, looking at who has the most beautiful mustache. There is as much as possible in this area.


So you see that there is a lot of work involved in maintaining a beard and mustache. People often say 'I will let him grow', but there is a lot involved. When you hate shaving (which many men have) and you think a beard is easy, think carefully about what you want. A weekly beard is fairly easy to maintain. Once a trimmer about it and it is that millimeter length that you would like to have. A big beard requires, as mentioned earlier, a lot of patience and a lot of maintenance.

Prevent growing hairs

A problem that can arise in men is the ingrowing of beard hairs. Although this can happen to everyone, men of African origin in particular suffer from ingrowing beard hairs. The hair follicles can start to ignite, which can cause painful bumps. The use of castor oil or castor oil can help against this.

Availability of products to stimulate beard growth
Because their facial hair is of great concern to men, there is a great availability of beard growth products on the market. This of course does not mean that all products actually help. It is therefore advisable to visit the reviews before you buy a product. Pay special attention to the ingredients and pay particular attention to the presence of ginseng, angelica or another source of vitamin E, tea tree oil and polygonum multiflorum.